AFIT Launches Degree in Aircraft Maintenance in Collaboration with CATIC

The educational landscape is set to ascend new heights at the Air Force Institute of Technology ( AFIT) , with an exciting degree programme in Aircraft Maintenance on the horizon . But what does this mean for aviation technology education in Nigeria , and how might this collaboration with China ' s CATIC reshape the future of aeronautical studies ? This strategic move promises to bolster AFIT 's commitment to technical excellence. Let 's delve into the implications and opportunities this partnership might unveil .

AFIT Launches Degree in Aircraft Maintenance in Collaboration with CATIC

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) has announced its exciting plans to initiate a degree programme in Aircraft Maintenance. This development, disclosed by Air Vice Marshal Sani Labaran Rabe during a significant visit from the China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC), heralds a new era for aviation technology education in Nigeria.

AFIT’s Commitment to Aviation Excellence

Air Vice Marshal Rabe emphasised AFIT’s
readiness to augment its educational
infrastructure, ensuring top-notch facilities are in place for the 2024 academic year. The institute is not only looking to enhance its physical capabilities but also to foster international knowledge exchange, which
would significantly benefit their educational framework.

CATIC’s Role in Enhancing AFIT’s Vision

The Chinese delegation, led by Mr Lioa Xun, Chief Representative of CATIC Nigeria, embarked on this visit with a focus on assessing AFIT’s facilities. Their aim is to establish a vocational technical centre that will bring aircraft maintenance to the forefront of Nigerian and Chinese aviation sectors.

Experts Spearheading the Initiative

Professors Ma Chao and Wang Cheng Hao, hailing from Chendu Aeronautic Polytechnic, China’s leading polytechnic in aircraft research, were part of the delegation. This visit was a crucial step towards evaluating the potential for collaboration, curriculum alignment, and the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding between both institutions.

AFIT’s Unique Position in Nigeria’s Education Landscape

AFIT holds the distinction of being the sole institution in Nigeria accredited to offer both degree and diploma courses in technology and aviation, under the National Universities Commission and the National Board for Technical Education, respectively.

The Collaborative Effort

The meeting saw key figures from AFIT,
including Deputy Commandant AVM AO
Shoghanmu; Provost Professor Mahmoud Dauda; and Registrar Air Cdre MS Lawal, amongst others, engage with the CATIC team. This interaction is a promising indicator of future partnerships that could significantly elevate the standards of aircraft maintenance education in the country.

Next Steps for AFIT

With preparations underway, AFIT is on the brink of offering one of the most advanced degree programmes in Aircraft Maintenance. This initiative is poised to empower future aviation professionals with unparalleled skills and knowledge in the field.

Wing Commander Bassey Okon, PhD, the
AFIT Director of Public Relations, underscores the significance of this venture as AFIT steers towards becoming a beacon of aeronautical prowess in the academic world. Keep an eye on the skies as AFIT readies to soar to new heights in aviation education.


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