Auchi Poly Degree Academic Calendar 2023/2024 | Key Dates Revealed

Seeking the 'Auchi Poly Degree Academic Calendar ' for the upcoming academic year? It's time to mark your diaries , as Auchi Polytechnic has laid out a meticulous plan for its degree students . From registration kick-off to exam dates , how does this calendar ensure you 're fully prepared for each milestone ? Keep reading to discover the pivotal dates that will define your academic journey in 2023 /2024 .

Auchi Poly Degree Academic Calendar 2023/2024 Key Dates Revealed

Understanding the Auchi Poly technic Degree Academic Calendar is crucial for both new and returning students. The schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session has been meticulously planned to ensure a smooth and efficient year. Below, you’ll find a detailed walkthrough of the calendar, ensuring you are well-prepared for each phase of the academic year.

Key Dates and Events for Auchi Poly Degree Students

Sunday, 26th November, 2023

  • New students arrive on campus

Monday, 27th November, 2023

  • Registration begins for new students

Sunday, 3rd December, 2023

  • Returning students arrive on campus

Monday, 4th December, 2023

  • Late registration for returning students begins

Monday, 11th December, 2023

  • Lectures begin for returning students

Friday, 22nd December, 2023

  • Christmas/New Year break for all students

Sunday, 7th January, 2024

  • All students resume from Christmas/ New Year break

Monday, 8th January, 2024

  • Lectures resume for all students

Thursday, 1st February, 2024

  • Orientation for new students

Monday, 26th February – 4th March, 2024

  • Matriculation date

Thursday, 28th March, 2024

  • Lectures end

Friday, 29th March, 2024

  • Public holiday (Good Friday)

Monday, 1st April, 2024

  • Public holiday (Easter Monday)

Tuesday, 2nd April, 2024

  • Revision begins

Friday, 5th April, 2024

  • Revision ends

Monday, 8th April, 2024

  • First semester examinations begin

Wednesday, 10th April, 2024 (Tentative date)

  • Public holiday (Id El Fitr)

Thursday, 11th April, 2024 (Tentative date)

  • Public holiday (Id El Fitr)

Monday, 29th April, 2024

  • Examinations end

Friday, 10th May, 2024

  • Submission of score sheets by lecturers

Sunday, 12th May, 2024

  • All students arrive campus for second semester of 2023/2024 academic session

Thursday, 23rd May, 2024

  • Departmental board meetings for the consideration of 2023/2024 first semester exam. results

Thursday, 30th May, 2024

  • Board of studies meeting for the consideration of 2023/2024 first
    semester examination results

Conclusion: Preparing for

This guide to the Auchi Poly technic academic calendar is designed to help you navigate your year effectively. By staying informed of the key dates and planning ahead, you can approach the academic session with confidence and clarity.

Remember, this calendar is an essential tool for managing your academic responsibilities. Keep it handy, and you’re sure to stay on track throughout the 2023/2024 session at Auchi Poly technic.


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