Auchi Polytechnic Academic Calendar 2023/2024 | Important Dates

Are you gearing up to organise your academic year at Auchi Polytechnic ? Wondering when to mark your calendar for the 2023/ 2024 first semester? What key dates should you keep in mind , from new student registration to examination periods ? Let ’ s take a closer look at the Auchi Poly academic calendar to keep you a step ahead .

Auchi Polytechnic Academic Calendar 2023/2024 Important Dates

Auchi Poly technic, a renowned institution located in Auchi, has announced its schedule for the upcoming first semester of the 2023/2024 academic session. This guide provides an in-depth look at the crucial dates and events, ensuring you stay informed and prepared for a productive academic period.

Auchi Poly technic Academic Calendar for Regular Students

Key Dates and Events

  • 20th November, 2023: The semester kicks off with a Departmental Board Meeting, marking the commencement of academic deliberations.
  • 23rd November, 2023: A School Board
    Meeting follows, setting the tone for
    institutional governance.
  • 26th November, 2023: Welcoming new
    students, the session officially begins.
    27th November, 2023: Registration commences for all students, a critical step to formalise your academic engagement.

Engaging in Academic Activities

  • 28th November, 2023: Another pivotal
    Academic Board Meeting takes place,
    underscoring the commitment to academic excellence.
  • 3rd December, 2023: A warm welcome back to returning students as the old student community resumes.
  • 4th December, 2023: Lectures begin for all students. This marks the true start of the academic journey, where learning and engagement take the forefront.

Celebrating the Festive Season

  • 22nd December, 2023: The Christmas break starts, offering a well-deserved rest and time for reflection.
  • 7th January, 2024: Post-holiday, the school reopens its doors for the continuation of academic pursuits.

Progressing Through the Semester

  • 8th January, 2024: Lectures resume in full swing for all students.
  • 15th January, 2024: Registration wraps up. It’s vital to ensure all administrative formalities are completed by this date.
  • 16th January, 2024: A significant day for newcomers, the Matriculation for new students, symbolising their formal induction into the Auchi Poly technic community.
  • 28th January, 2024: ND II students from Industrial Training return, integrating practical experience with academic learning.

Academic Assessments

  • 19th February, 2024: The School of Art and Industrial Design commences its first-semester examination, a critical evaluation of students’ proficiency.
  • 26th February, 2024: First-semester
    examinations kick off for all other schools, a decisive period that assesses the academic progress of students.
  • 15th March, 2024: Examinations conclude, and students vacate hostels, marking the end of the academic assessments.

Observing National Holidays and Celebrations

  • 29th March – 1st April, 2024: The institution observes Good Friday and Easter Monday, respecting the cultural and religious practices of the community.

10th -11th April, 2024: The Eid-Fitr
Celebration takes place, reflecting the
institution’s recognition of diversity and inclusion.

Concluding the Semester

  • 18th April, 2024: ND II from Industrial
    Training students begin their exams,
    culminating their practical and theoretical learning.
  • 28th April, 2024: The semester’s academic activities draw to a close with the end of the first-semester examination for ND II students.

In conclusion, Auchi Poly technic has
meticulously structured the Academic
Calendar to provide a seamless blend of
academic activities, assessments, and
observance of cultural festivities. This
schedule is not only a blueprint for the
semester but also a testament to the
institution’s dedication to providing a
comprehensive educational experience.

Stay ahead by marking these dates in your planner and prepare for a fulfilling academic term at Auchi Poly technic.


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