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BBNaija’s Groovy, Uriel Open Up About Their ‘Relationship’

BBNaija’s Groovy Uriel Open Up About Their Relationship

BBNaija’s Groovy Uriel Open Up About Their Relationship – The recent rumours surrounding the supposed romantic
relationship between two BBNaija stars, Groovy and Uriel, have been shattered as the duo publicly admitted that their
entire love affair was nothing more than a well-crafted public relations strategy.

This revelation came to light during a candid interview conducted by Uriel herself, in which both Groovy and Uriel
openly discussed the truth behind what appeared to be a budding romance.

The whirlwind of rumours began a few days ago when videos and images of Groovy and Uriel engaged in a passionate kiss inside a car parked outside a nightclub went viral.

The visual evidence ignited intense speculation about the nature of their relationship, leading many to believe that love had blossomed between them.
Fans and the media alike were captivated by the seemingly blossoming romance between these two reality stars.

However, the situation took a sour turn when Uriel was caught in a compromising position with actor Timini on the same eventful night. These events raised questions about her motivations and led some to label her as “desperate” for her flirtatious interactions with various men, including a controversial live video session with social media personality, Very Dark Man.


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