Breaking Down Johann Rupert’s Net Worth: What You Need to Know

Breaking Down Johann Rupert’s Net Worth What You Need to Know

Johann Rupert is a prominent figure in the luxury goods and investment industries. He holds a position of influence as the custodian of Cie Financiere Richemont, the world’s largest luxury watchmaker. Richemont, located in Bellevue, Switzerland, is home to prestigious brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier, which contribute significantly to Rupert’s wealth.

The family owns 0.5% of the publicly traded Class A shares and has complete ownership of all non-traded Class B shares. Each Class B share holds one-tenth of the economic value of its Class A counterpart.

Johann Rupert, acting as the chairman of the family’s investment vehicle, guides these strategic financial decisions. Although the exact ownership stakes of individuals are not disclosed, this analysis attributes them to Rupert.

The Rupert family has a strong influence in Remgro, a powerful South African investment company that holds stakes in more than 30 companies. They own 1% of Remgro’s publicly traded ordinary shares, and they control all Class B shares through Rembrandt Trust, which is under Rupert’s leadership.

The family also has a significant ownership stake in Reinet Investments, which amounts to nearly 25%. This
ownership is through the Anton Rupert Trust, an entity based in South Africa.

Reinet was established in 2008 and
serves as a holding company for Richemont’s stake in British American Tobacco. At one point in June, Rupert briefly became the richest person in Africa, surpassing Aliko Dangote, due to the devaluation of the naira.

  • Net Worth: $9.9 Billion (2023)


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