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Da Trust is About to drop a new EP – Infinity

Are Ready to download Infinity EP by Da Trust ?, Are Ready to Streams Infinity EP by Da Trust ?

Da Trust is About to drop a new EP – Infinity

Da Trust, the renowned Nigerian artist, is about to release his highly anticipated EP titled “INFINITY: Something That’s Unlimited, Endless Without Bound.” This project holds a profound significance for the musician, as it chronicles his personal journey and showcases his unwavering determination to uplift his family.

Born in Yola, Adamawa state, Nigeria in 1995, Da Trust faced a tragic loss at a young age when his father passed away. This devastating event not only left his family in a state of despair but also subjected them to a life devoid of assistance or sympathy from others. Despite the hardships they encountered, Da Trust made a promise to himself that he would be the beacon of hope for his loved ones, wiping away their tears and elevating their circumstances.

Da Trust is About to drop a new EP - Infinity

With an unwavering resolve to bring about change, Da Trust embarked on a courageous journey, leaving behind everything he knew and loved. He found himself in a foreign land, Accra, Ghana, where he knew no one and had no place to call home.


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