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Drake Hits Fat Joe With Hilarious Gift From Stake

Drake Hits Fat Joe With Hilarious Gift From Stake

Drake Hits Fat Joe With Hilarious Gift From Stake – Drake is someone who has amassed a ton of wealth over the years. Moreover, he has also built quite a few connections. Some of these connections are incredibly rich and are willing to spend a boatload of cash on the artist. For example, it was rumored that Drizzy’s private plane was actually paid for by some one involved with the crypto gambling website, Stake. This led to quite a bit of jealousy from Fat Joe, who said “I’ve never seen a guy people love more. Because it’s rumors his airplane which looks like the flyest plane in the world was actually given to him by a friend. Some one who wants to be down with the man who has a 15-year run of unstoppable hits.”

Fat Joe was actually quite jealous of Drake, although we’re sure he was just trying to be humorous with his rant. Either way, it appears as though Drake was paying attention. Ahead of his 53rd birthday, Fat Joe took to Instagram where he showed off a recent gift he received from the Toronto legend. As it turns out, this gift is not what Joe was expecting. Consequently, he offered up a truly hilarious reaction.

As you can see above, the gift in question was a pair of custom socks from Stake. “You can’t make this shit up,” Fat Joe said. “Congratulations Fat Joe, it’s your birthday. You’ve got a present from Stake. Stake, a.k.a. my brother Drake’s company. What a beautiful package. Oh my God, let me see what they gave us. Fat Joe socks. Yo, this is the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Yo Stake, yo Drake. I said I don’t have a sock or croissant. God damn, be careful what you wish for.

Thank you. It’s the thought that counts.” Just like Fat Joe says here, it truly is the thought that counts. Sure, it may not have cost a lot of money, but that packaging is definitely legit. Let us know what you think of Drizzy’s latest gift, in the comments section down below.

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