Lagos Commercial Bus Driver Average Daily Income

Lagos Commercial Bus Driver Average Daily Income

Lagos Commercial Bus Driver Average Daily Income – Lagos is a city that hums with life’s essential force. Talk about a flurry of activity, which we all know as “hustling and bustling,” the diversity of cultures and traditions,.religion, race, and social rank Lagos is known as a home that brings everyone together from different places in Nigeria, be it a town, city, or state, owing to its economic importance.

Lagos is renowned as the commercial business center due to the high-spirited work environment with so many people to trade and barter with. The city’s commercial potential are diverse: Buying and selling, investment, and capitalism how to engage in diversified business every business owner wants to have a company in Lagos, and the typical citizen wants to explore employment opportunities and trade sites.

Lagos is recognized for its markets: Idumota market, Oshodi market, Ajah market, Ikeja market, Computer Village, and so on, due to how wealthy the city is in geographical terms the city’s extensive reach makes it an exciting environment for enterprises to use. When you step into these markets, you will only find Quality over Quantity, i.e., importing and exporting. It is also well-known for enjoyable locations to visit for vacations, holidays, and self-care, such as a recreation center, the beach, and movies.

It is no surprise that Lagos is known as the Centre of Excellence because of how fun and calm over 20 million people synchronize to work with the resources available for the country’s progress and well-being, which brings us to this article’s discussion of the average daily income of a Commercial bus driver.

A typical commercial bus driver is assigned to follow a predetermined route and pick up travelers and passengers at the end of a predetermined journey. They communicate with passengers by answering their route-related questions. They follow all traffic rules and regulations, as well as state and federal movement and transportation legislation.

They adhere to all safety procedures and regulations. To be a bus driver, you must be very skilled in all of these areas, and experience is said to be the finest instructor.

The average daily wage of a commercial bus driver in Lagos might vary depending on a number of factors, including:

1. Adventure/Experience

Experienced bus drivers have a deeper understanding of roads because they are used to driving every day and mostly on expressways, which gives them good driving skills, such as knowing more routes to specific locations and a good record of highway safety. Another factor in ensuring that a commercial bus driver is adequately experienced is that before a transportation firm hires a driver, they analyze your experience before deciding on your salary. The more experience and abilities a bus driver gains, the more likely they are to receive a higher income.

For example, if a Lagos commercial bus driver is very skilled and knows several routes from Berger to Ikeja, collecting 500 NGN per trip with a 16-seater bus is around 8,000 NGN per trip. If a commercial bus driver can make 11-16 trips per day, his or her daily earnings will vary from 88,000 NGN to 128,000 NGN.

2. Traffic

One of the factors that affects the daily income of a commercial bus driver is traffic gridlock, which affects the number of trips a driver can make or pick in a day due to bad roads, road construction, and many other factors that make a journey slow and reduces the number of passengers and trips the bus driver can make or pick in a day.

For example, if a Lagos commercial bus driver typically makes 11 journeys per day with a 9-seater minibus, collecting 300 NGN per trip from 7Up to Berger, the
expected price income per trip is 2,700 NGN, for a total of 29,700 NGN per day. However, if the bus driver is stuck in
traffic and can only make 6 trips in a day, the average daily wage will be 16,200 NGN .

3. Fuel Price Increase

Fuel prices in Nigeria have recently risen due to the elimination of subsidies on all PMS. If the price of gasoline rises, bus drivers will have to raise their prices since they would need to spend more on fuel to keep their buses running. They have an edge at times since even private automobile owners will have to take a bus if they cannot afford to buy gasoline for their cars, and an average passenger will have no choice but to take a bus because they need to get to work or somewhere else. Alternatively, when transportation corporations reimburse drivers who can still work as a result of the price increase.

For example, if a Lagos commercial bus driver typically does 10 journeys per day with a 16-seater bus, collecting 700 NGN per trip from Oshodi to Lekki, the projected price income per trip is 11,200 NGN. However, due to the increase in fuel prices, if the bus driver decides to collect 1,000 NGN per trip from a 16-seater bus, the estimated income price is 16,000 NGN per trip, bringing us to the daily income of a Lagos commercial bus driver who can make 9-10 trips per day, which is 144,000 NGN to 160,000 NGN per day.

It is crucial to note that there is no precise amount of daily revenue for a commercial bus driver in Lagos, and
the values listed above are provided as a general overview and possible estimate. It is also important to note that the above mentioned income does not account for the total income of the day after deducting the fuel for the vehicle, NURTW charges, and any mechanical visits or vehicle needs.


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