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Makolo Calls For Creation Of African Magic North

Makolo Calls For Creation Of African Magic NorthMakolo Calls For Creation Of African Magic North – The founder of Urban Culture Ideas,Thompson Makolo, has advocated for the creation of an African Magic North, and the Best Film North to balance at the Africa Magic Movie Awards to ensure the inclusion of other ethnicities in the north, who are currently unrepresented from the syndicated network’s existing channels Africa Magic (AM) Yoruba, AM Igbo and AM Hausa.

Arguing for an existing market for such a platform, he said, “You can’t say a buying population of five hundred thousand does not make sense. For example, if there is a flat rate subscription of N3000 monthly for DSTV, and you have 500,000 subscribers, which translates to N1.5 billion. If I bring that to your stable every month, would you say I am inconsequential?

“If you have divided the industry into three major ethnic groups, how about boxing the so-called minority into one
space. We have AM Yoruba, AM Hausa, AM Igbo, what happens to the 3.5 million people in Kogi State? What happens to the Jukuns or Taraba State, what happens to the Igbiras and so on?”

“How about an AM Nigerians, for the people who are not within these three dichotomy? It is only then that you know the traction that comes when from my primary audience. Although Makolo has no research or statistics to back up his data yet, he believes that a business sensitive to its market should be aware of such details, just as they noticed the need for the channels on the three ethnic groups.

“My advocacy is not for cultural prominence rather it is for quality sake, and being judged on the ground of quality, value and the impact of what I do, and the satisfaction it will provide. AM Igbo will not take a movie that is not in English and Igbo. Same as others. They need to understand the north is 19 states and holds the stories of over fifteen ethnic groups.”

Responding to the filmmaker, Executive Director of the National Film and Censors Board (NFVCB), Alhaji Adedayo
Thomas tasked the film industry to start viewing the film industry as other sectors of the economy, a business, one investors will invest in for profits. He noted that by investing in statistics, and building on their
content, in time, the opportunities will present itself.

“You chose your niche, cue into the business you are selling, the season will come for your market or thing. It is not something to be forced. Also, it is the DVD, TV and streaming statistics that will convince people to give you
time and space. Carry your own load first. It is when you have done so for a time that others will begin to get aboard with you,” concluded Adedayo.


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