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Mixed reactions as man assaults sister for making TikTok video without wearing hijab

Mixed reactions as man assaults sister for making TikTok video without wearing hijabNahel, a media account, recently shared a video on his social media page, claiming that a man in Somalia responded to a TikTok video in which a woman did not wear a hijab on her head.

According to Nahel, the man acted out because he disapproved of the woman’s decision. People who watched the video after it went viral voiced their worries in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

@SomaliDisciple: “His actions coincide with radical feminism. He deserves a Noble Peace Prize for stopping his sister from being sexualized & seen as an object. It reminds me of The Somali Proverb.”

@kufsimakemehapy: “May Allah reward him for protecting his sisters honor, but to be honest, I’m a bit shocked. She looks pretty damn old(I’m guessing 16-23?). He should have gotten her married off ages ago now he’ll probably have to give her to his clan elder.”

@lowlandhunter: “She is lucky she has a brother like this. Sure it may be painful now but she will learn her lesson properly and grow to become a better person. Hopefully she doesn’t dress in a promiscuous way anymore.”

@Bulaleroo0zz: “Everyone is focusing on the woman that got beat up. A lot of ppl aren’t understanding the dilemma the brother faced. Should he allow his sister to dress naked and dance around like a jareer monkey Jamaican woman ? Or should he beat the brakes off her ? He made the right choice.”

@XoogiyoKufsi: “Allahuakbar. In all my 63 years of life I have never seen a woman be disciplined this well. I can tell that brother really loves his sister. May Allah bless the noble brother and give him more strength to discipline his Sister amiin.” **

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