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“My Heart Has Been Repeatedly Wounded by People I Loved” – Destiny Etiko

My Heart Has Been Repeatedly Wounded by People I Loved Destiny EtikoDestiny Etiko, Nollywood actress, recounts her personal experience navigating trust, loyalty, and betrayal. Destiny Etiko revealed in an Instagram post that people she loved and cared about had shattered her heart.

She claims to have a large heart that has been continually hurt by persons for whom she has cared profoundly and made enormous sacrifices.

Destiny Etiko’s experiences provided insight into the complexity of trust and loyalty, as well as how it is so easy for her to move on and not give second chances, because she knows she gives her best to the people she loves and is always very devoted to them.

The thespian stated that she is a good person who loves with her whole heart and that explains why she is so picky
with her friends.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she wrote: “Loyalty is a big deal to me. That’s why I’m very picky with my friends. I’m such a loyal person naturally. Even in the midst of fallout/betrayal. My loyalty remains the same. I don’t give second chances when it comes to friendship. U betray me & I cut you off for life. I forgive but cut off. My heart is so pure & tender. I don’t want no fakeness. Zero tolerance”.

“This is soooo me. A wonderful heart that has been broken a lot of times by people I loved so much and sacrificed a lot for. But the thing is, When I decide I move, no turning back. LIVE HAS NO DUPLICATE GUYS. Guide yours with every of your being”.

Recently, Destiny Etiko was dragged over comment on May Edochie’s post about son’s demise May Edochie who is still affected by the death of her child made a post on Saturday, 8th July, where she opened up on how difficult it has been for her to come to terms with the sad reality.

Her post generated a lot of comments from both celebrities and fans who consoled the mother of 3 while sending prayers.

Destiny Etiko on her part also dropped a heartfelt comment for May, praying that God gives her the fortitude to bear the loss. In her words…


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