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Thanks For Your Continuous Support – Yul Edochie Praises his 2nd Wife Judy Austin For Attacking His Critics

Thanks For Your Continuous Support – Yul Edochie Praises his 2nd Wife Judy Austin For Attacking His Critics

Thanks For Your Continuous Support Yul Edochie Praises his 2nd Wife Judy Austin For Attacking His Critics – In a recent social media post, famous Nollywood actor Yul Edochie praises his second wife Judy Austin for her strong attack of his critics. Friday, July 21st, 2023, actress Judy Austin made news when she went on a rage and, by extension, slammed those who criticized his husband’s grief over his
first son.

Judy Austin responds to Nigerians who have been disparaging her husband Yul Edochie for not properly mourning his late son.

No one, according to Judy Austin, has the right to sit in his/her chair and instruct Yul Edochie how to mourn his late kid. She added that Yul Edochie will continue to rise and that no one will be able to knock him down with false information and lies.

Judy goes on to warn those who believe Yul doesn’t mourn his late son properly to wait till they lose theirs to see how they will mourn properly.

Yul Edochie, via his verified Instagram profile today, July 22nd, showers encomium on his wife Judy Austin for
coming to his defense with her full chest against the troll.

Yul Edochie wrote; “You’re not called Ijele Odogwu for nothing. May the heavens reward and bless you.

@judyaustin1 Thank you for the support.”

See his post below;


Reacting to the post;

queenjane847: When a woman stands with her husband in good and bad time why man no go love her, love is all I see here.

nicolenicol21: A very very tight bottle.

chizzy2922 : Judy u such a senseless woman, you better know ur palace ok if he left home with pain that means ur
cause the pain to him if u like go on social media 💯 times that love that ur need u will not see it mumu go to ur page keep fool ur self Judy we have ur time husband snatched.

chisommaurice1 : Madam rest now 😢 you can’t fight the public. Immediately u step into Yul’s life everything turns around. No more endorsements, his son died, his marriage scattered, no more movie roles, his family left him, his reputation fell, even one single celebrity doesn’t comment on his post again. So madam rest you’ve done
enough 😢.

axoragems: Two shameless people! Why won’t he be great to you? Someone that betrayed his wife and traded his honor for folly? What right does she have to speak on another woman’s child? God will reward you both openly! Ndi mgbu!

offical_prince_dollar_cee : Forget nobody knows what this man has been through,all of you commenting nonsense
here , check your self very well too ,no body holy pass ooh, some of you guys your mother is no longer with your father, and 95% of you here has more then 4 boyfriend’s hahaha e never reach you sha

gentleb54: Judy Austin Obasi, you cheated on your husband and abandoned your children, you committed adultery with @yuledochie and broke his peaceful, you enhanced what killed Kambi, Yul is finally in your pants. Why are you still restless? Mrs Obasi indeed the bible is complete, no peace for the wicked.


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